Nutrilife Testimonials


Nutrilife Plant Products has hundreds of stories from satisfied growers, farmers, and gardeners from all over the map who have used our products with great success and were so pleased with the results, they have chosen to share their stories. Below are just a few such stories from customers who truly believe in our products and stand by the Nutrilife Brand of Products we offer. If you have a story to share please write us by telling us your story and sending us an image of your results!




“This is the size of Tangelo we grow using Nutrilife Products. The proof is pretty obvious, this stuff works!!!!”

– Connie & John M., Orlando, FL.







“We tried it and were AMAZED at the seemingly instant results! In so short a time, we noticed leafy greens that were lush, vibrant, healthy and full of nutrition. We have since used Nutrilife’s Heavy Harvest Grow for all our vegetable beds, and have continued to see great results and superb growth ever since.”

– Harvey & Betty B, Kelowna, BC.





“Heavy Harvest Micro is what I use to grow my prize sunflowers.”

– Murial K., Nanaimo, BC.