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Soil Products

Pro Guard

Pro-Guard is created to improve a plants ability to tolerate heat and drought and to provide additional potassium and a high level of silica.  Potassium also helps the plant withstand drought by regulating the opening and closing of stomata’s and accelerates nutrient absorption into plant roots and prevents oxygen deficiency. Pro-Guard is easily the most economical to use when compared to similar type products.



OMG Organic Metabolic Growth enhancer is a new, simple but results oriented technology that uses various enzymes to aid the plants ability to uptake existing nutrients when needed. In side by side trials on several crops, the plants treated with OMG developed and advanced much faster than the untreated. Rich in bio active ingredients and developed by a scientist with a marine biology background this is something really different. Finally, new technology and not just another fertilizer. If a good quality nutrient is used with OMG the results can be both visually and physically astounding.

Ancient Gold

Ancient Gold is a highly refined fulvic acid that has proven to be a powerful organic electrolyte, helping to balance cell life and restore chemical balance inside individual cells.

Cal Mag

Cal Mag – Calcium, Magnesium and Iron Supplement. Cal Mag is prepared using several different forms of calcium, magnesium and iron so they are more available at a wider PH range. Our Cal Mag is also designed for use in all types of growing media from real soil to soilless peat mixes, coir (coco) or water culture and hydroponics and is very economical when compared to competitive products. It prevents blossom end rot and tip burn and prevents chlorosis, stunting as well as magnesium and iron deficient growth. It increases nutrient, water and CO2 uptake and speeds up crop maturity and finishing time.

SR-71          Sure Response

SR-71 is a scientifically formulated product designed to be used at all stages of a plant’s life from propagation thru growth phase and right up until flowering. It provides a complete array of organic and inorganic compounds,
coenzymes and additives often missing in growing media and other plant foods that helps help maximize the growth of plants. SR71 supplies all the things your plants need and don’t get with a regular nutrient. SR-71 also promotes the development of beneficial micro-organisms in the growing media.

Nutri Boost 1

Nutri Boost 1 provides stressed plants with the enhanced natural ability to correct roots damaged by stress, as well as create new roots. Nutri Boost 1 is blended as a replenishment to replace lost growth generating properties that plants lose due to being under stress. A healthy plant produces these boosters naturally to maintain growth, but stressed plants suffer a severe loss of their ability to produce these growth generators. Nutri Boost 1 will help create a strong new rooting system so the plant can regain its vigour.


PyroClay is 100% all natural with no additives and is a natural and soluble form of silicate.

Triple 02

Triple 02 A source of oxygen for soil and soilless mixtures.