Flowering Products

Heavy Weight

Heavy Weight is a product developed to be used during the flowering stages of a plant’s life. Will help increase the mass of the flower bud during the critical development stage. Include with your regular nutrient feed program in the 3rd, 5th and 6th week of flowering. Give your plants the boost they need to become great plants.

Black Energy 0-0-1

Black Energy is a soil additive to promote microbial activity.

Xtreme Nitro

Extreme Nitro is a plant food product designed to be used for bud and flower initiation. Some nitrogen is necessary for good flower bud initiation as well as some phyto-hormones that trigger formation. For optimum results, use Extreme Nitro at recommended application rate in the 2nd and 4th week when you water or fertilize. A strong synergy if used with Heavy Weight

Gen R8

Gen R8 is a product used at the flowering stage and created with the purpose of amplifying developing flowers.

Sugar Maxx

Sugar Maxx is derived from plant sourced
carbohydrates that provides nutrition and simple sugars
for all plants.