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Nutrilife is proud to introduce our brand new Pro-Ganics Division:  Bio-Kinetix.

Check out the highly innovative Pulse Fusion Line which includes IonPulse7, BioFusION, and PRODIGY.

Pulse Fusion Line

IonPulse7 is a new bio-surfactant water amendment solution naturally designed to correct water related issues and entropic conditions. Ion-Pulse7 will amplify available water and nutrients to your plants.

Our Bio-FusION, is the holy grail, we assembled an amazing microbial carbohydrate source that will not spoil or cause gunking. A supercharger total of 6 differing short, medium and long chain carbohydrates in the formula including the molasses = 7 differing carbohydrates in the Bio-FusION. Taste what you’ve been missing!

PRODIGY is a microbial specium designed to amplify the microbial count in your grow media. Naturally sourced and in powder form. Microbial bugs increase micronization of available nutrients for immediate uptake, and therefore promote an aerobic environment necessary for efficient and explosive growth.

For more information on Pro Organics or to order products online click on this link to the Bio-Kinetix site. Pro-Ganics is finally here!