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    Heavy Harvest Grow Water soluble plant food — For what you want to Grow, Where you want to Grow it!


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    1 quart/.95 litre 12/case
    1 gallon/3.78 litre 4/case
    2.5 gallon/9.5 litre 2/case
    5 gallon/19 litre Jerrican


    Heavy Harvest is an easy to use “2 Part" complete and well balanced plant food. Micro and Grow for Vegetative Stage and Micro and Bloom for the° Flowering Stage. Heavy Harvest Grow is for plants in the vegetative stage of growth. When mixed with Heavy Harvest Micro, a premium blend of food needed to stimulate structural and vegetative growth is constructed. The mixture contains high IeVels of nitrogen and potassium for plants in the grow cycle. Related Product(s): Heavy Harvest Micro

    How it Works:

    Heavy Harvest is a premiere nutrient formula for the indoor and ‹outdoor gardener. With twenty-five years of experience in the agricuItural fertilizer business we believe that Heavy Harvest is our finest nutrient formula to date. It is a easy to use two part formula providing economy to you, our customer.
    The Heavy Harvest nutrient formula is a two part nutrient system, which is a balanc ed diet for your plants. The two part system is available to your plants in the
    grow and bloom solutions. Heavy Harvest Micro is the key ingred sent to the formula preparing a grow or bloom solution. Diluting Heavy Harvest Micr‹› in the recommended amount of water is the start to preparing a soIutic.n. The next step is to then add Heavy Harvest Grow or Heavy Harvest Bloom, depending on the stage of growth the plant.
    Nutrilife takes great pride when blending its Heavy Harvest Micro, Grow and Bloom. Heavy Harvest is blended to the strictest of standards by our technicians in Langley, British Columbia.



    09 April 2018


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