We serve clients in the following areas : Farms, Garden Centers, Greenhouse & Floriculture, Hydroponics, Institutions, Nurseries, Orchards, Vineyards and other horticulture related businesses.

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Direct Sales:

Toll Free: 1-877-533-9572
Local Orders: 604-856-6152
Fax: 604-856-6154
E-mail sales@nutrilifeproducts.com


We at Nutrilife can appreciate the expenses incurred from expensive shipping charges. Therefore, we have decided to expand our distribution list.

The following wholesalers are now stocking our line of products. If at anytime you would like to have Nutrilife Products shipped with your orders the following distributors would be happy to serve you.

Eastern Canada:

Bio-Floral Inc. (450-664-4844)
Greenstar Plant Products (1-888-747-4769)
Hydrotek International (1-877-777-0767)
Quality Wholesale (Toronto Branch)

Western Canada:

Eddi’s Wholesale (1-800-663-2934)
Greenstar Plant Products (1-888-747-4769)
Hydrotek (West) (1-888-507-8002)
Quality Wholesale (604-321-5858)

In the US:

Bio Floral ( 1-877-735-6725 FREE)
BWGS (1-800-316-1306)
Hydrofarm (707-765-9990)
Hydrotek USA (1-866-730-3334)
Sunlight Supply / National Garden Wholesale (1-360-883-8846)


Nutrilife EUROPE
Opening soon in Gjilan, Republic of Kosovo

We continue to focus on researching and developing some of the best quality products in the horticulture industry, as we have for the past 25 years.

It has come to our attention, that there may be products from our line of Nutrients and Additives that are being passed off as “Nutrilife Plant Products”. They may have similar labels and logos, and may be hard to disseminate from the original quality products that we provide to our valued customers. Please ensure that you are purchasing our products from one of the authorized dealers listed on our Website.